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The collapse of the Shogun dynasty left hundreds of people exiled. They took to the oceans in search of new lands but the journey proved rather challenging. Storms were rampant, ships were wrecked and lives were lost but one teriyaki jar survived.

شوجان ترياكى صوص

آخــــــــر الدنيـا فـي اليابـان                 لـما انهــــــارت اســـــــــــــرة شـوجان

اتشـــــرد كتير من الســكان                 ركبوا البــحار بـحثـا عن الأمـــــــــــان 

راح الشـجاع مع الجبـــــان                 و مافضلش غير الترياكي في البرطمان

From vegetables to chicken & beef

Shogun teriyaki sauce adds the wow-factor to your home-cooked meals. By incorporating Shogun in your cooking, you will have an incredibly tasty and healthy dinner ready in no time that will be sure to impress your family and friends.

Tasty dishes served with SHOGUN

Shogun is a perfectly balanced teriyaki sauce. It’s hint of sweetness and a little bit of saltiness allow it to be used on everything from vegetarian dishes that need an extra kick of flavor to the usual chicken & beef teriyaki dishes.

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