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SEASMOKE- Citrus Smoked Sea Salt

Sinai- The land of ancient salty seas and burning desert sands. It possesses some of the world’s purest sea salts. When smoked with natural Egyptian Citrus wood, a delicate flavor emerges. It can be used instead of regular salt on any dish to enhance its flavor.

ســي سـمــوك ملــح بــحـراوي

من ارض الفيروز الســيناوي

دخناه على خشــــب حطباوي

من شجر الموالح المصراوي

يخــللي اكـلـتـك حـكـــــــاوي 

From salads to steaks

Seasmoke – The first of its kind on the market! By using this unique smoked sea salt in your marinade or in your cooking, you unleash a world of new flavors in your dishes. Seasmoke is a coarse sea salt, so for best results, add it to foods with some moisture in them so the crystals can dissolve and release their delicate smoky flavor.

Tasty dishes served with SEASMOKE

Seasmoke can be sprinkled on salads and vegetable dishes to give them a subtle smoky-grilling flavor that will surely tingle your senses. Seasmoke is also used on meat, chicken and seafood dishes to give them a delicious smoky finishing flavor that would otherwise be unachievable without a smoker or a grill at home.

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