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To satisfy with a great meal

What constitutes a great meal? To us, it’s all in the balance! The tongue can taste several flavors, including: Sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami. Each complimenting or counteracting the other. By carefully balancing these flavors, we created Rassazi, a sauce that makes your tongue burst with sensation.

رسازى صوص المزازة و الحلاوة

خمـس نكهـــــــــــات همـا بـلا عـــــداوة

حـلو و مـالح، مزز ومر آخـر شقــــــاوة

واومامي مخلوطين في البرطمان بذكاوة

From chicken and shrimp to Asian noodles

Rassazi is a one of a kind sweet and sour chili sauce. It adds an unrivaled flavor to anything you’re eating. Its full-bodied texture and unique flavor allows you to incorporate it in your cooking or use it as a dip to satisfy your munchies.

Tasty dishes served with RASSAZI

Fried foods are a match made in heaven with Rassazi. Now you can easily recreate your favorite fast food dishes at home. Weather you choose to mix it up with some noodles or dip some fried shrimp or fries in there. Rassazi is guaranteed to leave you wanting more!

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