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Where a Little Bit of Magic & Chili ComeTogether...

Chilies have magical effects on the mind. The heat creates an illusion of a burning sensation. The brain reacts by creating many after effects: flaming eyes, intense happiness, loss of reality. Its been said that after a taste of this chili lava, one reaches a higher state of mind.

حيث يلتقى الخيال بالفلفل شطة

تشــيللـــى فريــــزنو      سحرها خلب العقـــول

حــــرارة في اللســـان       ولهيب أكيد المفعـــول

دمــــــوع فـي العنين      دموع الفرح والســرور

حـمـــم البراكـــــــين       وفقــدان في الشعـــور

From koshary to burritos

Our goal is to leave no chili lover unhappy, to leave no dish free from saucy excellence! With FREZNO, we were able to create a 100% chili sauce that compliments the flavor of any plate while still giving it a kick of heat.

Tasty dishes served with FREZNO

Frezno is a versatile chili sauce. You can smother your sandwiches with it, use it to marinate home cooked meals or use it as a dip for your snacks.

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